Know Your Rights

Inform yourself. Learn the protections that are built into the law. Know how you’ll respond in a crisis. Be ready to help when others face an emergency. Below you’ll find links to the documents that are most useful and practical. All are gathered from reliable sources, including the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.


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Parish Resources

Instructions for Migration Week

January 7-14, 2018
As part of Migration Week, the Office of Immigration Affairs is collecting petition cards in support of DACA recipients. These petitions will be delivered to congressional representatives in Washington D.C. and here is how you can help:

1) Click here and enter the zip code for your parish (or share this link with parishioners) to identify your local representative.
2) Print copies of the Intention Cards and cut them into four cards.
3) Make the petitions available for your parishioners and ministries.
4) Have people address the cards to their representative and sign them, collecting as many as you can.
5) Mail the collected cards in one envelope by January 19, 2018 to our office:

Or you may also scan and email them to [email protected]

For questions or additional information, please call (213) 637-7484 or email [email protected]


Download Intention Card PDF

Preparing your Family for Immigration Enforcement

A helpful 56 page guide in both English and Spanish providing information on your rights and how to prepare your family for immigration enforcement, including suggested checklists. By the Office of Justice & Peace. (Revised 3/17/2017)

Download PDF

“Know Your Rights” Card

To further support the work being done by parishes on immigration, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and Dioceses of Orange and San Bernardino are distributing a “Know Your Rights Card” in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Korean.

Electronic versions of these cards are available below for download and printing. They are in Adobe PDF format.

Download English PDF
Download Spanish PDF
Download Vietnamese PDF
Download Korean PDF

Unite through Prayer

A collection of prayers and resources to help unite your parish community in prayer in support of our immigrant and refugee brothers and sister. Included are prayers of the faithful, a sample homily provided by the USCCB during the National Migration Week 2017, and the pamphlet, “A Journey of Hope Along the Migrant Trail: A Via Crucis.”

Download Prayer Collections
Immigration Prayer Card English
Immigration Prayer Card Spanish

Responses to Frequently Asked Questions from Families on Immigration Policies and Resources in Catholic Schools

Answers to these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for you to use with the families and students in your Catholic schools.

Download PDF

Nine Ways to Protect Yourself from Enforcement Actions

Includes information on your rights and information on your local consulates. Courtesy of Justice for Immigrants

Download PDF

Transitioning to a New Administration: How to Assist Immigrants and Refugees

Information on the Bishops and the Catholic Church support for immigrants and refugees. (5pgs) Courtesy of USCCB & Justice for immigrants.

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Los Angeles Consular Corps Directory

Find your consulate! Contact information for 104 consulates issued by the County of Los Angeles.

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Justice for Immigrants Resource Portal

Additional informational resources updated by Justice for Immigrants.

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Free Consultations

Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project is a public interest legal organization serving the most vulnerable immigrants in the Los Angeles area. Esperanza is offering free consultations for anyone affected by executive orders and among other programs. Please call (213) 251-3505 for session times or to schedule an appointment. (Esperanza is located at 1530 James M Wood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015)