In May of this year, more than 650 children were separated from their parents while trying to cross our southern border. At the time, the federal government implemented a “zero-tolerance” policy and its enforcement made headline news across the world. Heartbreaking recordings of children crying for their mom and dad, asking when they would get to see them again.

The policy displaced parents from their children when they entered the country, some seeking asylum. Parents were held and referred for prosecution, while children were placed in a shelter for transfer to the custody of a sponsor or a foster home.
49 of these families have recently been reunited with their children and have arrived in Los Angles, a temporary home while their case goes before the courts. Catholic Charities has stepped up to help, and the agency will be the first line of support for each of them, providing basic needs such as food, clothing, diapers, and school supplies. Along with the social help, Catholic Charities will oversee their legal cases offering dedicated attorneys.

This is your opportunity to help. We are asking for donations that will go directly to aiding these families in need. Each family is different, with different needs but what they have in common is that they were looking for a better life. Please click here to donate now.